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Postponement of the Human Trafficking Masterclass

Dear MSc and PhD students,Thank you for your interest in the CCARHT Masterclass on Human Trafficking 2020.

Unfortunately given the rapidly changing health landscapes caused by COVID-19, the stress on academic resources here in the university, due to the urgent adaptation to courses on line, and the limited availability of our designated experts with the academic vacations upon us, the CCARHT Team has decided to postpone the CCARHT Masterclass on Human Trafficking to the beginning of autumn term 2020.

For those who have already paid their registration, your registration will be automatically refunded in full within the next 5-10 business days. If you do not for some reason receive a refund after two weeks, please contact our Masterclass coordinators Emese Szász (Emese@ccarht.org) and Eva Veldhuizen-Ochodničanová (Eva@ccarht.org) immediately.

If however you still intend to participate in the CCARHT Masterclass in the autumn term, you can also roll forward your registration to it.We shall let you know once the date has been finalised, which we plan to have arranged by the first week in August ready for an early September Master Class, and look forward to a significant time of learning together after the summer break.Stay tuned on theCCARHT website and CCARHT Twitter for more information. You can also take the opportunity to enjoy some of the products of the #CCARHT2020 symposium which has just been completed, with over 87 panellists responding to 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which provided the framework for this years fifth iteration of the CCARHT Summer Symposium.

This is a date not to be missed for any involved in the field of Human Trafficking for the long haul, occurring in the final week of June and the first week of July every year. This year was quite exceptional and an on-line gathering of global experts, all with recommendations to air, and a COVID-19 contextualisation to add. There will be some learning packages emerging from this symposium shortly.Meanwhile stay safe and healthy, and in touch (virtually),


Eva & Emese CCARHT Team

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A Multi-Agency, Cross-Departmental, Inter- and Intra-University Centre for Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Research.

This site is our exclusive events domain, where you can view and book to attend upcoming international symposia, masterclasses and webinars. At these events, you will be exposed to those researchers, politicians, psychologists, NGO workers and human rights lawyers at the forefront of the fight to end modern slavery.


Human Trafficking Summit 2020

  • Symposium Day 5: Partnerships
    Cisco WebEx
    03 Jul 2020, 10:00
    Cisco WebEx
    Goal 17 in focus with previous days' attention reprised – Building partnerships going forward. A day for building forward the eco-system which is the CCARHT counter trafficking network. Businesses, funders, philanthropic and ethical investors particularly welcomed. Angel Funding event.
  • Symposium Day 4: Health & Enforcement
    Cisco WebEx
    02 Jul 2020, 09:00
    Cisco WebEx
    Goals 8, 9 and 16. Peace and Justice and the role of the protective function of courts, the military and public policing together with how Decent work and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure play their part.
  • Symposium Day 3: Safeguarding & Cyber
    Cisco WebEx
    01 Jul 2020, 09:00
    Cisco WebEx
    A morning dedicated to the rights of the child – with goals 2 and 10 in mind. Orphanage trafficking, challenges around national and international adoption, and the best interests of the child being addressed. Afternoon visits to relevant University libraries, departments, and innovation park.
  • Symposium Day 2: Gender Inequality
    Cisco WebEx
    30 Jun 2020, 09:00
    Cisco WebEx
    SDGs 3, 4, and 5 and 6 Good Health and Well being, Quality Education and Clean Water and Sanitation, Gender Equality.
  • Symposium Day 1: Climate Migration
    Cisco Web-ex
    29 Jun 2020, 09:00
    Cisco Web-ex
    Sustainable Development Goals 3, 13 & 11


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